Google Glasses

The computers of our era are so amazingly advanced, sometimes I’m completely taken aback by the sheer beauty of our inventions and creations.  If you think about it, even our most mundane of computers is outstanding in comparison to those of a decade ago.  Also, the widespread variety and application of our devices is ridiculous!  Laptops, Net books, Cell phones, Tablets, and now… glasses?!?!  We can now view the internet, take pictures, and read books… without even using our hands!  That is amazing to me!  The innovation of the human race continues to give me hope for the future, even when the actions of certain people tend to detract from my overall worldview.

The most intriguing thing about the Google Glass to me is that you can access a huge amount of information anywhere, without even so much as turning your head!  With so much of our information stored online anyway, the ability to access information in various ways can greatly increase our ability to learn!  We have years upon years of science, knowledge, and ideas, which used to be only a click away… now, it’s only a blink away.  The sum of human knowledge is so great, you don’t even need your hands to hold it!

I’ll admit, my desire to own a Google Glass isn’t only for its informative uses.  Using this kind of technology for art, recreation, and gaming (with technology such as the Oculus Rift) are all enticing to me as well.  Heck, I could carry a whole sheet music library with me, and never worry about having my books close on me and lose my place again!  I could be drawing, and look up reference without having to get my lazy self to a computer!  I could think about playing a horror game with them, and then never ever do it, and try to delude myself into thinking that it isn’t because I’m scared!

My point in all of this is to face the fact that we are a rapidly developing species!  I don’t know if the human race will survive, or if we are the greatest group in the galaxy, or even if I like that many people (all of you who read my blog are actually considered meta-human, and will receive honorary wings of friendship upon my rise to power), but the fact is that the human race is an ingenious, inventive, and innovative lot, and I am proud to see how far we’ve come!



Entangled in Wormholes

Wow.  I was just reading an article which claimed that there could be a link between wormholes and entanglement!  (I have linked some wikipedia articles here, in case you want to read more than my semi-understanding pseudo-pundit ramblings.)

Just a little background for you, entanglement is a strange and baffling phenomenon, where a particle interacts with another particle, no matter the distance between them.  In other words, suppose I have one particle with me, and that particle is entangled with another particle, which happens to be on the other end of the universe.  Originally, these particles could be doing whatever they wants to, since the wave function hasn’t collapsed (which just means that it hasn’t been observed.  When you observe a particle, you actually change it just by looking at it).  Now, if I observe the particle I have, then it has to decide how it is going to act, and immediately begins acting in that fashion.  Now, on the other end of the universe, the other particle somehow instantly knows what my particle did, and it starts doing the opposite thing.  This is amazing, because this immediate transfer of information has to be going faster than the speed of light, which is supposed to be the fastest anything can go.  This wonderfully mysterious interaction has been baffling scientists for some time, and has been dubbed “Spooky Interaction”.

Wormholes are much more commonly known about, due to several popular science fiction shows, books and movies.  Wormholes are pretty much doorways, from one place to another, where you don’t have to travel the distance between those places.  As far as I am aware, wormholes have only been theorized about, although there is a great deal of theoretical evidence that they are a likely occurrence.  I have heard many theories about wormholes, from them being holes in space to them being folds in the space-time continuum, but the important bit is that they are portals from one place to another, which could be a way around faster than light travel.

Now, from what I have read, some people are beginning to wonder if there is a connection between the two.  This would be tremendous, and it would certainly explain how information could travel faster that light.  Though there are several problems with this theory, it might hold some truth!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!  A whole different way to look at the universe might be emerging from this!  Of course, I have little knowledge of the actual mechanics of theoretical physics, but even so… just WOW!  Mind blown!



The Paranoid Brandt-Droid


And here I am, the Paranoid Brandt-Droid!  Look at all that robotic glory!  It took me quite a while to design something like this!  I’ll probably revisit the design in the future, and add to it a little bit.

Robots are really fascinating to me, whether they are fictional or factual.  The ability to use some silicon, some electricity, and a decent program to accomplish so many things is astounding!  Of course, much more goes into a robot than that, but it still is amazing what we can do with a few little bits and pieces.

One thing that worries me about robotics in the future is the advent of losing our autonomy.  When we get so used to having robots do certain tasks for us that we forget how to perform those tasks ourselves.  A good example of this phenomenon is the calculator.  Most people that I come across nowadays have very little idea how to use math to do anything.  Many people don’t even know how to add or subtract anymore!  They don’t need to, they have a calculator to do it for them!  I can’t believe how many people would be left completely helpless without it, or how little we could do as a species without a few gadgets and tools.

Of course, there is a flip side to this, which makes me hopeful.  Every now and then, I find people who could not only do intelligent mathematics without a calculator or machine to do it for them, but who have taken those machines to the next level!  They program on them and enhance them, and best of all they can teach others how to use them!  This is the way I feel tools should be used, as additives to our minds, not substitutes FOR our minds.  Therefore, I feel that as long as we have this kind of ability, and as long as we have people who keep thinking, we will have a bright future ahead of us!



Quizical Brandtdroid

Hello all, and welcome to The Paranoid Brandt-droid!  I am The Paranoid Brandt-droid (better known as Brandt Forrest), and I’m gonna introduce you to my blog!  This blog has three main purposes:  1, to experiment in different art styles and techniques;  2, to talk about science and things that I find interesting,  such as Physics and Neuroscience; and 3, to gain experience as a webcomic artist!  Yup, that’s right, I’m a webcomic artist!  What?  You’ve never heard of me?!?!?  Well, luck is with you, citizen!  I just happen to have a spare hyperlink with me, which will take you to the land of my webcomic-o-mancy!  Just click on this minor spell, and it will take you to the land of my raving:  thefridayferret.com!

I will talk more about the purpose of this blog in the “About” page, and I’ll explain more about me in the “About the Artist” page, so I will keep my introduction here brief.  My name is Brandt Forrest, I’m a college student working for a Ph.D in physics, I’m interested in a lot of the sciences, and I art from time to time (actually, a lot).  Yes, art is used here as a verb.  The English language bit me once, and I’m getting revenge.

Please feel free to post your opinions and your thoughts, as long as they are well considered and tolerant.

That’s about it!  I told you that I’d keep it brief.  Oh, wait, a word count of 241 isn’t that brief.  Well darn.  Maybe next post (probably not!)