The Paranoid Brandt-Droid


And here I am, the Paranoid Brandt-Droid!  Look at all that robotic glory!  It took me quite a while to design something like this!  I’ll probably revisit the design in the future, and add to it a little bit.

Robots are really fascinating to me, whether they are fictional or factual.  The ability to use some silicon, some electricity, and a decent program to accomplish so many things is astounding!  Of course, much more goes into a robot than that, but it still is amazing what we can do with a few little bits and pieces.

One thing that worries me about robotics in the future is the advent of losing our autonomy.  When we get so used to having robots do certain tasks for us that we forget how to perform those tasks ourselves.  A good example of this phenomenon is the calculator.  Most people that I come across nowadays have very little idea how to use math to do anything.  Many people don’t even know how to add or subtract anymore!  They don’t need to, they have a calculator to do it for them!  I can’t believe how many people would be left completely helpless without it, or how little we could do as a species without a few gadgets and tools.

Of course, there is a flip side to this, which makes me hopeful.  Every now and then, I find people who could not only do intelligent mathematics without a calculator or machine to do it for them, but who have taken those machines to the next level!  They program on them and enhance them, and best of all they can teach others how to use them!  This is the way I feel tools should be used, as additives to our minds, not substitutes FOR our minds.  Therefore, I feel that as long as we have this kind of ability, and as long as we have people who keep thinking, we will have a bright future ahead of us!


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