Quizical Brandtdroid

Hello all, and welcome to The Paranoid Brandt-droid!  I am The Paranoid Brandt-droid (better known as Brandt Forrest), and I’m gonna introduce you to my blog!  This blog has three main purposes:  1, to experiment in different art styles and techniques;  2, to talk about science and things that I find interesting,  such as Physics and Neuroscience; and 3, to gain experience as a webcomic artist!  Yup, that’s right, I’m a webcomic artist!  What?  You’ve never heard of me?!?!?  Well, luck is with you, citizen!  I just happen to have a spare hyperlink with me, which will take you to the land of my webcomic-o-mancy!  Just click on this minor spell, and it will take you to the land of my raving:  thefridayferret.com!

I will talk more about the purpose of this blog in the “About” page, and I’ll explain more about me in the “About the Artist” page, so I will keep my introduction here brief.  My name is Brandt Forrest, I’m a college student working for a Ph.D in physics, I’m interested in a lot of the sciences, and I art from time to time (actually, a lot).  Yes, art is used here as a verb.  The English language bit me once, and I’m getting revenge.

Please feel free to post your opinions and your thoughts, as long as they are well considered and tolerant.

That’s about it!  I told you that I’d keep it brief.  Oh, wait, a word count of 241 isn’t that brief.  Well darn.  Maybe next post (probably not!)


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