Google Glasses

The computers of our era are so amazingly advanced, sometimes I’m completely taken aback by the sheer beauty of our inventions and creations.  If you think about it, even our most mundane of computers is outstanding in comparison to those of a decade ago.  Also, the widespread variety and application of our devices is ridiculous!  Laptops, Net books, Cell phones, Tablets, and now… glasses?!?!  We can now view the internet, take pictures, and read books… without even using our hands!  That is amazing to me!  The innovation of the human race continues to give me hope for the future, even when the actions of certain people tend to detract from my overall worldview.

The most intriguing thing about the Google Glass to me is that you can access a huge amount of information anywhere, without even so much as turning your head!  With so much of our information stored online anyway, the ability to access information in various ways can greatly increase our ability to learn!  We have years upon years of science, knowledge, and ideas, which used to be only a click away… now, it’s only a blink away.  The sum of human knowledge is so great, you don’t even need your hands to hold it!

I’ll admit, my desire to own a Google Glass isn’t only for its informative uses.  Using this kind of technology for art, recreation, and gaming (with technology such as the Oculus Rift) are all enticing to me as well.  Heck, I could carry a whole sheet music library with me, and never worry about having my books close on me and lose my place again!  I could be drawing, and look up reference without having to get my lazy self to a computer!  I could think about playing a horror game with them, and then never ever do it, and try to delude myself into thinking that it isn’t because I’m scared!

My point in all of this is to face the fact that we are a rapidly developing species!  I don’t know if the human race will survive, or if we are the greatest group in the galaxy, or even if I like that many people (all of you who read my blog are actually considered meta-human, and will receive honorary wings of friendship upon my rise to power), but the fact is that the human race is an ingenious, inventive, and innovative lot, and I am proud to see how far we’ve come!



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