About the Author


Name:  Brandt Forrest, aka Brandt Ferus, aka The Paranoid Brandt-Droid

Occupation:  Tutor at a local college, Student

Abilities:  Drawing, thinking outside of the box, and making a darn good cup of tea!

Hi gang!  I’m Brandt, and this is my blog!  Most of the information about me that I don’t mind sharing is already listed above, but here’s a little bit more;  I was born in 1993, I am a student striving for a Ph.D in physics, and I run the webcomic “The Friday Ferret” (and I am very proud of it).

I have been drawing my whole life, but I’ve been doing a lot more lately.  I’ve also been building stuff my whole life, and taking things apart, as my poor mother found out a long time ago when she left me alone with my stroller.  I love science, and I keep trying to learn more every day!

If you would like to contact me, my email is “thefridayferret@gmail.com”.  I will try and check that every so often, to make sure I’m being reachable for my followers.


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