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The Paranoid Brandt-droid is a comic blog by me, Brandt Forrest!  You may remember me as the perpetrator of “The Friday Ferret” (a webcomic website of mine), in which case you are awesome.  If you don’t know The Friday Ferret, that is perfectly alright, because this is a standalone website!  In this blog, I will be sharing my point of view on scientific things, drawing stuff, and creating some comics.  This will also function as a journal comic occasionally.

I named this blog because I’ve been told by a friend that “I may look like an Arthur Dent, but I’ve got the brain of a paranoid android” (which is inferring that I have a brain the size of a planet).  I thought it was a great reference, and it gave me a really catchy idea for a website!

As this is a blog, I’m not aiming for the same level of art quality as I am in The Friday Ferret, which is actually a good thing because I can update more frequently if I don’t have to worry about making everything all nice and shiny.  As my artistic abilities grow, I might be able to make things more polished.  Until then, if you can stand to hear my whimsical ramblings, then good for you, and read on!


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