Week one of class

Yeah, that was a bad week.  Feel free to laugh at me, I do all the time.



Don’t you hate it when you think you know somebody, but it turns out that you’re mistaking them for somebody else?  I do that a lot, but I’m rarely mistaken for anybody else.  Maybe it’s my quirks, maybe it’s my body language, or perhaps even my face, but my money is on the hair.  It’s hard to have hair like mine!


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Tea Party

Yes, this comic kind of was an excuse to draw some stuff.  But it has a dragon drinking tea!  A DRAGON!!!  Drinking TEA!!!

So cold!

When the going gets cold, the cold get electric blankets.  Cold is a big part of life, but it is amazing how quickly and effectively heat transfers through things!  I mean, we are essentially large bags of water, which is extremely hard to change the temperature of, and yet a few minutes in the snow and Newton’s law of cooling has trumped our extreme cold resistance.  Thank goodness for layering!

also, comic-ing without color makes the whole process much easier!  I still like color comics, but grayscale comics are easy to churn out faster!