Good things to Read

Tree book

As this is a blog at least partially devoted to science and learning (and my expelling lots of hot air), I think it is only fitting to include some great books for you to read!  I have read these books, except for a few that I am currently reading, and found them to be a great learning tool.  If you have any books, shows, or ideas that you would like to contribute, please feel free to post a comment about it, or to send me an email!  I enjoy reading new things, so if you do suggest anything you can rest assured that I will read it eventually (if my wallet can support my purchasing it, that is.)

“The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”, by Richard P. Feynman”The Other Brain”, by R. Douglas Fields
“Reading in the Brain”, by Stanislas Dehaene
“The Human Brain”, by Rita Carter, Susan Aldridge, Martyn Page, and Steve Parker
“Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman”, by Richard P. Feynman
“What Do You Care What Other People Think?”, by Richard P. Feynman
“Six Easy Pieces”, by Richard P. Feynman
“Six Not-So-Easy Pieces”, by Richard P. Feynman
“The Neutron Story”, by Donald J. Hughes
“Making Things Move”, by Dustyn Roberts
“Physics of the Impossible”, by Michio Kaku
“50 Mathematical Ideas You Really Need To Know”, by Tony Crilly
“GeekSpeak”, by Graham Tattersall
“The Grand Design”, by Steven Hawking
“The Universe in a Nutshell”, by Steven Hawking
“Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius”, by Bob Iannini
“Robot Builder’s Bonanza”, by Gordon McComb and Myke Predko
“The Handy Biology Answer Book”, by James Bobick, Naomi Balaban, Sandra Bobick, and Laurel Bridges Roberts

I have not yet read “Six Easy Pieces” or “Six Not-So-Easy-Pieces”, but I have read many of Feynman’s works, and they are incredibly informative and entertaining!  He puts the most complex physics in terms that anybody can understand, and in the most fun way possible!  I also suggest the Feynman Lectures “Bits and Pieces”, and “Tiny Machines” (have you guessed that I’m a Feynman fan by now?)  They will really shift your understanding of things, no matter how well versed in physics you are now!


Tree book


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